Background image of woman showering
The Original Rotating
Curved Shower Rod
Enjoy 33% More Shower Space
-- and in One Flip --
A Roomier Bathroom, Too.

Choose Your Rotator Rod

Curved shower rods are in all the major hotel chains and there’s a good reason - they work! They expand your shower space and keep the wet shower curtain from sticking to you. Unfortunately, when used in your home, the added space these curved rods give you in the shower is stolen from your bathroom. 

The Rotator Rod™ is the ultimate solution to this problem! This curved shower rod does it all - provides more space in your shower, AND when finished, you simply rotate it back into the tub and Wow! you instantly have a roomier bathroom.

Product Specifics:

  • Each Rotator Rod™ fits a standard tub opening (58.5-60 inches). Custom cuts available for an additional fee.
  • Easy Installation.
  • No Drilling Required.
  • Order comes with a Rod Reacher handle for easy rotation.

Additional Benefits:

  • Drip dry towels and clothing with ease while the rod is in the “in” position. The drips will drain into the tub, instead of onto your bathroom floor.